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1, Intelligent

Intelligent navigation is the future of the car navigation host and even the future of a major direction of the car, which is beyond doubt, Android system can be networked, open platform and other advantages to make intelligent in the car platform has become easier, and even many people think that Andrews car Machine opened the car intelligent road.

2, Can be networked

Car machine intelligent one of the very important sign is to connect the network, and Android system provides a very convenient networking capabilities, which in the traditional WINCE platform is not easy, this is the reason why the popular machine is a popular Important factors, of course, Android system in the mobile phone, tablet, etc. made a major success is also an increase in the popular car can not be ignored. The easy-to-use networking features provide greater possibilities for real-time information such as real-time traffic and more powerful features, although we have not yet seen a breakthrough in this area, but the future is still fascinating.

3, Open platform

Andrews open source to the car manufacturers a lot of room to change, so that developers work easier, but also for the Android car provides a full scalability. However, Andrews open not only this, Andrews also open the door for the application, as long as the valuable application can be developed in this platform can be shared, can be derived, can be developed for the car environment is fully suitable for Owners use the application, these are the charm of Andrews car machine.

4, Massive application

Android another advantage lies in its own massive application, although many applications are developed for mobile phones and tablet, but also can be used in the car machine, and with the host manufacturers involved, suitable for the use of the car will be used More and more people into the field of vision, these applications will be from the previous focus on entertainment, into a more pragmatic.

5, The interface dazzling

More than one person said, Andrews car machine interface is generally very beautiful, very beautiful, which in the traditional car is not so easy to do, of course, this also benefited from the openness of Andrews, but this is still Andrews A big advantage, but not exaggerated interface to bring the surprise is that many people are happy to see, few people will mind to make their own car equipment looks more fashion more with a sense of science and technology.