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Android car stereo is different from Android mobile phone, its 4-core, 8-core configuration, in the absence of application support, the use of equal to 0, and the cost has doubled! At present, the mainstream of the Android cars are used for A8 \ A9, etc.,

The popularity of the car and the replacement of WINCE is the wave of the times, can not stop, but the current situation, choose a good Android car player, not only the hardware to be excellent, stability is high, but also specifically for the Corresponding to the application of the vehicle model.

Car navigator screen size is also a very important effect on the navigator function . It is a kind of the entertainment function. Now more and more navigator functions, from the early support only picture browsing, to audio and video playback, game features, and now to use the Android operating system, are on the navigation device entertainment expansion. Screen size of the navigator in the broadcast audio and video files, the game, can give users a very good effect. And now the market has a lot of car navigation system used to the Android operating system for the navigation device provides more entertainment and Internet access, so the screen size of the car stereo system in the entertainment function of the advantages of more than the traditional general size of the navigation instrument.