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What Is A Car Navigation System
Nov 03, 2017

The GPS is a radio navigation and positioning system based on 24 global positioning satellites to provide three-dimensional, three-dimensional and other information around the world. GPS positioning principle is: the user to receive satellite signals, obtain the distance between the satellite and the user, clock correction and atmospheric correction parameters, such as determined by the user's location data processing. Now, civilian GPS positioning accuracy can reach up to 10m. After the gulf war when the United States announced plans to open part of GPS system, car seized this opportunity, money for development of car navigation system, fixing the car, and, according to the guide and promptly put into use.

The car GPS navigation system consists of two parts: part of the GPS receiver and display equipment installed in the car; The other part is made up of computer control centers, and the two parts are connected by positioning satellites. Computer control center is authorized by the vehicle management and formed, it is responsible for observe dynamic monitoring within their respective jurisdiction cars and traffic conditions, so the whole car navigation system there are at least two big functions: one is the auto trace monitoring function, as long as encoded GPS receiver installed on the car, the car no matter in any place can through the computer control center of the electronic map indicates that its location; Guide function, the other one is driving the owner the traffic of each region can be electronic map is stored in the floppy disk, as long as the receiving device to insert a floppy disk in the car, immediately on the screen shows the location and the current traffic condition of the vehicle area, as well as the input to the destination, develop the best driving route in advance, but also accept the instruction of computer control center, select the car moving route and direction. 

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