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Status Of Car Audio Modification
Jul 19, 2017

Insiders pointed out: car audio is generally not a step, high-end car audio is expensive, we should constantly upgrade to bring people feel a higher level of sound generation in listening to the fun, if all of a sudden the sound to the top standard, the less the constantly updated freshness and satisfaction, and the top sound the general users can not adapt to the sound.

Consumers can choose famous brand products according to their own style of music, and the number of audio equipment in the world should be the United States, Britain, Denmark and japan. Among them, the United States, Britain, Denmark speakers are very popular with professional audio shops, while Japan's mainframe is the darling of the audio market. The United States, Britain, Denmark, the speaker on behalf of the three world: American style sound strong rhythm of the rock style, British style sound soft classical style, Danish style exquisite timbre Serenade style, each one has his good points.

Car audio modification, in Europe and America, Japan and so on has been very mature, in foreign countries, car audio modification are experienced by the sound of professional companies to refit.

The original sound system in the domestic production of imported cars, most of the well-known brands of audio manufacturers to provide OEM products (domestic production), such as the Pioneer Co of Japan as the "Guangzhou Honda" ALPINE "Hainan FAW car, Mazda automobile, Huizhou central VDO for Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen Automobile Accessories" Panasonic Corp, as "Audi" and "Bluebird" provide a sound system, and PHILPS car audio equipment to provide more supporting. These brands of car audio, although not top, but before leaving the factory have been experts debugging, sound effects can meet the general requirements, and for higher demand owners, we must try to refit.

At present, the domestic car audio conversion, the majority are located in automotive supplies and automotive beauty decoration shop, as the operation is the lack of experience and knowledge of the stereo sound small, only the owners of the promotional equipment brand and price, so that is not familiar with the sound of owners mistakenly believe that this is the whole car audio. Some of the modified sound, the effect and performance of equipment can not be normal play, even damage the electrical system of the original car, the owner left a hidden security on the day, many experts pointed out that the key is to look at the car stereo can effectively debug, in many cases, effective debugging is more important than the brand.

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