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Sound Quality, Image And DVD Machine Dosing
Nov 17, 2017

Car DVD is installed in the car for the occupants of the car to provide audio and video multimedia entertainment system, the general addition to playing DVD format DVD, but also support VCD / MP3 / WMA / MP4 / Divx / CD / CDR / JPEG format audio and video files And the disc, some also support SD, USB, IPOD and so on. According to the installation at the car in the position, divided into the sun visor dvd, dvd ceiling, head dvd, single-spindle dual-spindle dvd and so on. Buy car DVD system considerations

With the current car DVD in the automotive electronic products an increasing proportion of nearly 40 %% of new car owners have to install car DVD demand. Therefore, production, OEM various DVD navigation products in large numbers, and the quality of the product is also beyond your imagination.

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