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Selection Of Car Audio Speakers
Jul 19, 2017

The speaker called horn is an important indispensable equipment in sound systems, all the music sound through the "horn", like the throat, is the only power equipment into a "voice". The quality of the loudspeaker plays a crucial role in the sound quality of the sound system. Speakers include bass units, alto units, and tweeter units. These three units are responsible for different frequencies, but they work in the same way.

There are many kinds of speakers used in car stereo, such as coaxial, full register, separate and ultra-low units. The smaller the area of the element, the higher the pitch and the greater the pitch, the lower the pitch; therefore, the sound system must use a wide variety of speakers to restore the music completely.

1, not the nominal power, the better

Not the nominal power is greater, the actual power of the horn is greater, the actual power of the horn can only be detected with instruments to obtain results, in order to send the perfect music, you need the perfect matching of power amplifier and horn.

2, not a horn frequency divider, the more components, the better

The number of components, and can not play a decisive role, the key depends on the quality of electronic components.

3, in the state of no distortion, to ensure that speakers large amplitude vibration, will not be burned

In the state of undistorted sound, the higher the vibration frequency of the horn, the higher its sensitivity, the stronger the sound performance, and it does not burn. But in the state of distortion, is another matter.

4, not the horn magnet, the bigger the better

The magnet is divided into several kinds, such as high density, low density, strong magnetism, weak magnetism, etc. if it is a loudspeaker with low density and weak magnet, the effect of the magnet is not good, and the volume is large and the installation is inconvenient.


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