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Method For Enhancing Vehicle Radio Signal
Jul 19, 2017

Using on-board radio signal amplifiers can enhance the strength of on-board radio signals.

1, factors causing the car radio signal is weak for a variety of common antenna impedance matching, whether the length is appropriate, and the host antenna interface connection is good, whether the source of interference, the host host near the radio sensitivity is normal, the host ground is good, to find the cause of the problem to solve. If there is no such problem, radio signal amplifier can be installed to improve the radio effect.

2, now many car enthusiasts love to install and use a car antenna, pay special attention to the lightning in a thunderstorm, lightning occurs when the scope of activities, these car antenna is very likely to become the thunder, if attracted lightning, thunder and lightning moment release energy may cause damage to the shell of a car. At the same time, in thunderstorm weather, to close the car audio, so as not to let the lightning generated static induction, electromagnetic induction damage to car audio.

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