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How To Select The Sound Source In The Car Stereo Upgrade?
Jul 19, 2017

The frequency response of the tape machine is narrow and noisy, so it is not necessary to consider it. There is no justification for adding a CD drive to the original car audio system to improve sound quality. Take a Beverly sedan as an example, the owner installed a six disc CD drive on the original car audio system, with a pair of 6 x 9 inch speakers and an active subwoofer installed in the rear. Although the audio source has been upgraded to CD, the sound quality has not been significantly improved. Use or tape player playback system, CD signal is still from the radio FM band.

The received sound quality will suffer loss, the frequency response is limited, and there will be noise interference, the advantages of CD can not be played, the sound has no hierarchy and thorough feeling.

As can be seen from this example, improving sound quality is integral engineering. When setting up the sound system, the collocation of each equipment should be basically the same style, otherwise it may cause the appearance, function, use, index and other aspects of disharmony.

Want CD, MD, don't VCD, MP3

If it is only used to play sound, the host selects CD, MD, or DVD.

VCD sound quality is poor, not the best; MP3 belongs to a compressed format, although the increase in the sound processing circuit, but the sound is not as good as CD; the sound quality of the DVD is close to CD, but overall, is still not as good as CD and CD MD; quality difference is not big, but the sound somewhat hard.

"Authentic", not the equalizer

The host should choose the signal without any modification of the model, that is, the original flavor". After the signal has been modified, its waveform is distorted, so the music played out is not ideal.

"Authentic" best graphic equalizer, no host field effect (such as: square, Studio Theatre, etc.). When the field effect is modified, the original signal will change and the original sound quality will be lost.

Yes, 24bit, no 1bit

Select the type of machine, depending on the frequency response, without any additional modification of the sound quality function. The CD label on the audio store sells 20bit and 24bit on the label. 20bit and 24bit have high analytic power to make music fully display. Ordinary audio for more than 1bit, fever class sound more high bit. Only on such a machine will it show its delicacy.

Do not distort the power

If you use the host to direct the speaker, select the output power. Now, the output power of the host is usually 4 * 50W, mainly to reduce distortion.

If the host before the output, to select the output level is high, the purpose is to improve the signal to noise ratio, the output level is generally at 2V, it is best to choose 4V output. By the way, CD records should be made with genuine quality, with the best DDD printed on the disk, and the sound quality produced by this CD record.

To consider the upgrade convenience not cheap map

Do not deliberately pursue too many functions, as long as the equipment functions to meet the basic requirements, you can; but do not figure out cheap, missing the basic functions they need.

The input and output ports of the equipment prior to consider, Walkman, game consoles, handheld DVD, computer, hands-free phone can use the default port input; output port should also consider the left and right, before and after, in order to avoid on bass, after the upgrade is not convenient to use.

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