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The Role Of DVD Navigation
Oct 28, 2017

1. One-click navigation

According to the requirements in the shortest possible time to send SMS address code automatically start navigation equipment let you safety to arrive, a key startup is driving the safe navigation of experts, a key aide center, make navigation set process more concise, security; No hand-written input is needed to eliminate unsafe risks

2. TMC (network real-time traffic information)

Through the G - BOX smart book can realize network real-time traffic information (i.e. TMC, the navigation development trend of going abroad, can predict the road ahead of plan your route to avoid traffic congestion, currently in the domestic Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou can receives the TMC)

3. Vehicle-mounted communication

GPRS can realize mobile phone function, which is equivalent to an independent mobile phone. It can also realize three days of weather forecast, real-time news, air ticket reservation and QQ communication platform through g-box intelligence

4. Positioning service

In any unfamiliar place, assist users to understand the current location and provide related information inquiry and navigation, so that you can master the traffic situation anytime and anywhere

5. The digital processing system of car audio signal based on DSP (digital signal microprocessor chip).

6, its characteristic is the use of DSP as core parts, to digital calculation method to deal with the signal processing, plus auxiliary module circuit and relevant software applications, so as to realize the digital audio signal processing applications, a true sense of the digital signal processing and transmission. The application of this technology has made great progress in the digital processing application of audio signal, and has built a more intoxicating driving control hall for the owner

7. Unique nine-paragraph (EQ)Equalize balance effector. Sound patterns specifically designed for you include: classic, pop, jazz, rock, and custom. Optimize your favorite music for your auditory feast. Specifically, you have set up custom functions for the burning level, and you can adjust yourself to the real EQ which is fixed by your preference or your car

8. Adjustable bass channel output, low frequency, gain, etc

9. Perfect listening position selection

10. Capable of two-way communication with CAN bus

11. Main menu circuit clock display function

12. The wiring is more professional, beautiful and concise

13. The professional copper plating design of the whole cabinet is designed to prevent oxidation of the equipment, which greatly enhances the shielding performance, which has a more pronounced effect and more sensitivity. It is more capable of preventing the side effects of electromagnetic pulse

14. The original bluetooth hands-free support

15. Reverse video automatic detection and eliminate the trouble of detection line

16. Add DAC digital mode conversion circuit

17. Support the IPOD NANO4 USB charging

18. Improve the reception sensitivity of 5Db

19. Direct COPY upgrade of GPS

20. The BIOS low-level upgrade has the error detection function to ensure that the wrong transmission leads to the machine

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