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Development Trend Of In-car Navigation Market
Oct 20, 2017

With the continuous improvement of technology and the growing demand of users, there are two trends of consumer electronics products, one trend is specialization. This reflected in the process of line segment, all sorts of product only have a few functions and even single function, but the degree of specialization have very deeply, can meet the demand of consumers on the depth of a certain function, and make more fine, perfect functions, it is a lot of multi-function products can't replace. The other trend, in contrast, is multi-functional development, which means that a product can be used as a substitute for a variety of products, which can save costs for consumers.

From the perspective of products, the newly released in-car navigation products are not limited to navigation devices, but a multi-functional on-board terminal. In addition to have synchronous satellite precise positioning, optimal path search, simultaneous voice navigation, information query, and other functions of life and city map precision navigation, and integrates the mobile TV, video broadcast and electronic albums the entertainment function, and the bluetooth communication, wireless Internet access, and other functions.

Along with the development of chip technology, mobile phone, PDA, and other products the fusion of GPS to reduce costs, and make navigation market is smart phones, PDA products with related functions such as the impact of electronic products, certainly will will be partitioned off part of the car navigation market. So multi-functional development has become the mainstream of the navigation market. Investigation shows that many car owners think the current navigation function is too single, cannot satisfy his needs, and look forward to the manufacturer said to launch more powerful and more rich products, so the design with many products, to provide users with more convenient, more enjoyment, will get the favour of consumers

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