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Optional Tips For Car Selection
Oct 12, 2017

Car audio for the car, is a kind of auxiliary equipment, for the performance of the car did not have any impact, but with the improvement of people's quality of life, we have higher requirements for audio-visual level, car manufacturers have increased the car audio equipment Important, but in order to reduce costs, they only configure the ordinary audio equipment, even CD, VCD machine points are high-end cars, relatively junior, can not achieve the perfect audio-visual effect, so many people buy a new car, it is necessary Install your own car audio equipment. Here, tell you the secret of buying a car stereo:

Car audio is the main component of the host, amplifier and speakers, at the time of purchase, pay special attention to the performance of these three parts. To determine the advantages of the sound host, the most direct way is to look at its technical indicators.

Mainly from the following aspects to determine:

1, the output power: the current power of the host most of the music power between 40W-60W, the power can not be too large.

2, the signal to noise ratio: it refers to the proportion of music signals and noise, the general high-end car audio in 90DB above, the greater the value the better.

3, the frequency response: the human ear can hear the frequency range between 20HZ-20KHZ, so the indicators at least to achieve this value, the wider the better.

4, harmonic distortion (THD): This indicator reflects the reproducibility of sound reproduction, the higher the degree of reduction, the better the sound effect.

The amplifier is the core of the sound system, the size of the power amplifier, the quality is good or bad, plays a vital role in music. Ordinary car power amplifier host design, power is generally 10W? D45W, but this can not hear multi-level high-power digital music, to make the sound to achieve the best results, you must add an independent power amplifier in the system, the purpose is to push 12 volts to 35V to D45V power to high The voltage drives the high power horn so that the dynamic range increases and the music can be played more perfectly.

So how do I buy a power amplifier?

First, the amplifier power should match the power of the speaker; Second, choose a built-in frequency amplifier, which can make the system scalable, free amplifier and sound combination, you can easily adjust the line, so that the entire system sound 

sound combination, you can easily adjust the line, so that the entire system sound quality Ascension. When buying, please try to choose a larger radiator, because the high-power output, will inevitably produce greater heat, heat is one of the important factors to maintain the basic work.

Speakers are often called loudspeakers, and sound systems are indispensable for important equipment, and all the music is through the "loudspeaker" sound, like a person's throat, which is the only power to become a "sound" device. Speaker character, sound system sound quality, plays a vital role. The speakers include subwoofer, midrange unit and tweeter. The three units are responsible for different frequencies, but their working principle is the same.

Car audio using a large number of speakers, coaxial, full range, split and ultra-low battery and other forms. The smaller the area of the diaphragm, the higher the spacing, the smaller the area, the lower the tone, so the sound system must use a variety of different speakers to fully restore the music.

Now most cars use coaxial speakers, which install bass and treble on the same axis as a comprehensive unit range, but the sound is not very good due to the installation location. So how do we choose a more suitable speaker? Here's a brief introduction to this question:

1, not the name of the strength of the bigger the better

The greater the rated power, the greater the actual power of the loudspeaker, the actual power of the loudspeaker can only be used to detect the results of the instrument, in order to release the perfect music, the need for amplifier and speaker perfect match.

2, not the magnets of the magnet the bigger the better

Magnet sub-high density, low density, strong magnetic, weak magnetic and other types, if it is low-density weak magnet horn, the effect is certainly not good, the installation size is not convenient.

3, the divider built-in components of the speaker is not the more the better

The number of components can not play a decisive role, the key depends on the quality of electronic components.

4, in the absence of state distortion of the case, to ensure that the speaker will not be a big shock

In the state where the loudspeaker is not distorted, the higher the vibration frequency

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