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The Importance Of Car Navigation
Oct 12, 2017

At present, the domestic market to do car navigation manufacturers are very much, the brand model after another, uneven quality of the state. Mainstream brands are Desai Siwei, Fei Ge, Caska, Lu Chang, Newman and so on. Desai Siwei is the general public, general, Mazda and other auto manufacturers of the original multimedia navigation screen suppliers. In the quality control and technical master has a strong strength, product innovation, patent a lot, in the intelligent voice exchange, car infrared touch technology, automotive display technology and other aspects are in the industry-leading. Caska in the post-installed market sales good, resistive screen, resolution 800 * 480, the quality of the upper side, the overall cost-effective OK.

Car navigation features:

1, Andrews system, you can connect wifi, you can share mobile phone data networking, you can install and remove a variety of applications (software), you can upgrade the map.

2, the screen is bigger than the phone, the same can be touched, with the same mobile phone navigation.

3, do not need mobile phone stand, the liberation of mobile phones, so that drivers peace of mind to listen to the phone, answer the phone and navigation correct.

4, do not consume traffic, unlike the phone, no network can also navigate the case.

In addition, the same control can listen to music, download, watch video, connect the phone, u disk, reversing the image, answer the phone, make a phone call. The The The The The

I would like to ask, but also the use of mobile phone navigation is not a problem?

Of course, mobile navigation has an advantage, that is, walking need to navigate when lying in bed need to check the route when.

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