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Definition Of On-board Radio
Jul 19, 2017

AM/FM radio is one of the earliest types of voice entertainment on the car. It is also one of the most common configurations of car audio and video entertainment systems. Nowadays, there are few cars without radios.

The car radio uses the big knob on the left for the tone control knob. The knob is the volume control knob and the power switch. Also has the power switch, uses the push-pull type. The big knob on the right is the sensitivity switch. Small knob for manual tuning knob. The sensitivity switch turns clockwise for position of low steering sensitivity, and rotates counterclockwise to position of high sensitivity.

The middle two turns to the left or right automatic tuning button. Press the right button, the pointer moves to the left, and then to the left, the pointer moves to the right. When you turn on the radio, press the auto tuning button. The radio is automatically tuned and moved to a radio station to stop. If you don't want to listen to this station, you can press the button again. The radio tuner moves again and stops automatically at the next station. Because the automobile generator has two kinds of alternating current generator or direct current generator. Negative electrode housing of AC generator. Direct current generator positive connecting case. Therefore, the power supply of the utility model can be connected with a positive casing or a negative electrode casing. Depending on the actual situation, polarity can be switched in the machine.

Car compartments can be considered as full screen enclosures, and radio signals are not easy to access. Therefore, a telescopic antenna must be provided outside the carriage, and its telescopic length is manual and electric or hydraulic. The automobile antenna needs to be firm and durable, otherwise it is easy to generate noise when driving. The introduction of antennas to cables can reduce interference.

The car tires are not electrically conductive, so the four wheel is suspended and cannot be grounded. The car went circuit single, the other end is connected with the frame, here called the ground, while the car is called "ground". Because the car is different, some car is positive ground, some car is negative ground. Therefore, when installing a car radio, first of all, to investigate the power polarity of the two, so as to avoid accidents.

To prevent re launch, the general radio horn feeder is a strong output line, it is not afraid of interference, nor shielding. But the car radio, a small stray wave, can go from the loudspeaker's opposite direction into the metal shell of the radio and then emit it, interfering with the first stage of the radio, even if the weak clutter will affect the quality of the radio. So the horn of the car radio usually uses the isolated line.

Because the car radio is used in the course of traveling, the noise sometimes produced is not necessarily the original of the radio itself. It's the car. How to judge whether the radio or the car is the reason for the following: if the car has a noise at the stop, indicating that the radio itself is a problem, or nearby interference sources, we should pay attention to find. If the car is parked in a few places, there is interference. After cutting off all electrical appliances, if there is interference, it must be a radio problem. When the car is idle, the engine is idling, the accelerator pedal is moved up and down, and if the noise density varies with the speed, the high pressure ignition system is the source of interference. Start the car on the bumpy road, suddenly stepped down the clutch, so that the car stopped sliding, if the radio still has noise, it is large parts of the body loose Z force, resulting from static interference.

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