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Car DVD Navigation Installation Precautions
Oct 24, 2017

With the growing popularity of the car, the car culture gradually spread, the car supplies began to development, in terms of electronic products, car DVD navigation products sold very hot in the market, has become necessary for the car now. The development of the industry has been developing, and there are more and more special products for special vehicles nowadays. Some people are going to buy special products for their cars, but they must pay attention when installing them.

1. Before installation, check the function of the dashboard of the car, whether the inside of the car is normal and whether there is any littering on the inside or outside of the car;

2. The antenna and cable are separated from the power cord of the main engine. It is best to place the receiving line of the navigation on the outside of the roof so that the receiving signal is the strongest. If it is to be installed in the car, it is recommended to be placed under the front windshield of the car, and must be placed horizontally and on the surface to receive the signal better. In the other car, if there is a film, because some of the film will affect the reception of the navigation signal, the position above the antenna should be left blank.

3. In the installation process, the car parts that have been removed will be put in place to avoid the inside of the vehicle, and the debris left by the wiring shall be disposed of in time.

4. Because there is limited space in the car, avoid unnecessary wires and make the navigation easier to install.

5, a new car with navigation products are advised to choose car special condition change, because the car is special navigation plug is the same with the original car CD, don't need to change the original car line, like a fly rhyme installation DVD navigation, just need to take out the original car CD host, pull out the plug wire, fly rhyme DVD navigation hosts, on line then, do not need to change any line, because the car is special models are for various models of matching car dedicated pin plug design, it makes the owner can need not worry completely change the original car circuit will not affect the maintenance, this navigation cost will reduce.

Professional installation to ensure the best performance, but experts say those that live or go to professional modified shop or install DVD navigation, 4 s stores because they have a standard work instruction, more familiar with the car's performance and structure, also more professional and skilled, to tear open outfit to avoid during the installation process in all kinds of problems

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