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Classification Of Car Audio
Nov 11, 2017

According to the car when the factory sound time points

According to the car factory time is divided into original products and after-sales products. Original product is the original matching products, is the owner of the car when the car has been installed in the car panel sound, different grades of cars choose different grades of the brand with the match. However, regardless of what brand of choice, the sound function and sound quality are limited (except for the top of the car) because the car manufacturer from the security point of view must be designed to be large car audio keys, audio function must also be long Time test to agree to use (some advanced features can not be used, because there is no long test).

After-sales products refers to the consumer car after the car is not satisfied with the car, the choice of replacement when the sound. Because it is not limited by the depot, so you can use the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the supernatural powers to describe.

According to the car audio brand of geographical points

According to the car audio brand of geographical points, can be divided into Japanese brands and European and American brands. This is also more familiar with the classification, home audio is often used in this classification to compare the pros and cons.

Japanese brand of sound to read and modify the sound quality known. Sound reading refers to the process by which the host acquires signals from digital and analog sources. Japanese brand audio technology in this area is very mature, pure and delicate sound quality. Modification of the sound quality refers to the use of mathematical means to create a variety of field effects to please the ear, such as BBE, DHE, a variety of field simulation, these features break the sound of the true color, but more in line with the human ear habits, so very Pleasing to the consumer. Overall, the vast majority of Japanese audio sound quality overall balance, in line with the public consumption.

Europe and the United States brand of sound to power amplification in the real reduction and low shocks known. Europe and the United States pay attention to the true nature of the original music, while some manufacturers and special attention to bass. In the home audio in Europe and the United States brand of amplifier and speaker more respected.

According to the production of car audio manufacturers specific points

According to the car audio manufacturers specificity to points, can be divided into only the production of professional audio car manufacturers and both the production of car audio and other household electrical appliances production of wide-area product manufacturers, if debugging may be less than the passive harmonization of the balance Resistant to listen.

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