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China Beidou Satellite Navigation System
Jan 17, 2019


Beidou Satellite Navigation System (hereinafter referred to as Beidou System) is a self-constructed and independent satellite navigation system that focuses on national security and economic and social development needs. It provides global users with all-weather, all-day, high-precision positioning and navigation. National critical space infrastructure for time service.

With the development of Beidou system and service capabilities, related products have been widely used in transportation, marine fisheries, hydrological monitoring, weather forecasting, surveying and mapping geographic information, forest fire prevention, communication time system, power dispatching, disaster relief, emergency search and rescue, etc. It gradually penetrates into all aspects of human society production and people's lives, and injects new vitality into global economic and social development.

Satellite navigation systems are global public resources, and multi-system compatibility and interoperability have become a trend. China has always upheld and practised the development concept of "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou", serving the development of the "Belt and Road" and actively promoting the international cooperation of the Beidou system. Work with other satellite navigation systems to promote the development of the global satellite navigation industry with various countries, regions and international organizations, so that the Beidou system can better serve the world and benefit mankind.

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