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Car Dvd Note Points
Nov 23, 2017

As a lot of DVD products just get on the car, a step on the throttle sound horn will make a scream, sound and images are very poor, so remind everyone in the purchase of installation or car DVD products to pay attention to the following points:

First, the sound quality

DVD is used to play music, so sound quality is very important. Therefore, before buying a DVD, be sure to ask the front of the DVD drive output is a few "V", or this machine and other DVD players for sound quality contrast. If the DVD player sound quality and CD quality than a CD player, the price of course, not cheap to where.

Second, the image and DVD machine dosing

DVD screen with analog screen and digital high-definition screen 2 kinds. The analog screen pixels are generally 240 * 240 or 480 * 240 pixels, while the high-definition screen is generally 800 * 480 pixels or higher. In addition, a good DVD is the use of dual-drive volume, that is, DVD, CD drive two.

Third, the navigation accuracy and ease of use

Good DVD manufacturers will apply better navigation software, poor DVD navigation easy to crash in the navigation process, or navigation speed is slow, navigation accuracy is relatively poor. Because good DVD navigation uses "dual-core" mode, which uses two separate CPU processing system, so that the two systems do not interfere with each other, navigation speed, accuracy, ease of use.

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