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Car DVD Navigation Installation Method
Oct 19, 2017

Now, talk about the main general type, to DVD navigation then to the normal connection wire GND, constant power BATT, ACC 4 groups of speakers play FireWire, FR line, FL front left, front right, right after RR, after RL left. There is a radio antenna, radio power supply line (individual model) ANT-C lights, control line iLL (lighting for night use), if installed a reversing camera if you want to pick the reverse control line BACK (some products is to check the video signal, there is no host behind the line). There is a steering wheel buttons to control the line. Divided into 3 kinds, one is the resistance type, two is the voltage is three I2C (control bus). The steering wheel control line can be in line with other end. This can narrow the scope, if there are three lines with a multimeter resistance profile connection above the wheel button pressed if all the resistance changes took two lines can if there is an individual key. It is also a line to connect the two lines, the host will leave behind 1KEY1 KEY2 keying, keying 2, GND line, 5V line, 10V line power supply line. The steering wheel is the original car need to pick up a lot of attention to the place

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