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Car Audio With The Principle
Jul 19, 2017

How to match the advanced settings of car audio to get the best sound quality? People often have such questions. In answering this question, we have to make sure what is sound and what is good car sound.

Car audio, as the name implies, refers to the car's sound system. As the interior space is small, there are a variety of noise using standing wave resonance, resulting in a relatively poor breathing environment caused. In this environment, how to configure a sound set for the ringtones to get the best results? Car audio technical staff to provide you with the following recommendations, I hope you have to take into account the car audio configuration when the attention.

1, the system balance

(1) Balance the price

Price balance refers to the entire car and car audio system to listen to the environment grade. The price for a $ 2 car, usually in the car with low noise, is thick for the body, and the sound insulation is good at all times, with a fixed price of 2 million high-end machines that are not enough at all times.

(2) combined with balance

As the car sound is important to consider the good balance between the components, that is, the host, amplifier, speakers and wires, etc., make the appropriate choice and be exempted. For example, in the videotape large Alpine audio host is not only beautiful, the most models are equipped with built-in amplifiers. So when your money is limited, choose a host with high power output is a wise move.

2, the principle of high power output

The high power output of the so-called principle is the sound system, the host or amplifier output power must be set because of its higher output power, which indicates that they can control the audio linear range, which also means that it is more driven by the speaker. Sound, low-power amplifier is not only easy to deformation, can cause burning more power amplifier or speaker coil.

3, the natural sound of the sound quality policy

When people judge a professional sound good and bad sound system, both the frequency response as the evaluation of the main target curve smoothness. For example, both the Alpine car audio host, the amplifier and the speaker have a very smooth frequency response curve. Which DDDrive series loudspeaker large alpine can provide linear, perfect bass playback effect, rather than in the low number of speakers blindly renovated and re-just.

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