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Car Audio Configuration Purchase Experience
Jul 19, 2017

A car for every car. In the configuration of a set of automobile hi-fi before please walk several audio shop, listen to the equipment, pay more attention to the store, have a world-class brand, how to judge the ability to store technology.

Two. Buy a good sound source host, a good sound source host, it is better to have 24BIT, this kind of sound source analysis ability is strong, more easy to play a delicate and wonderful sound.

Three. Buy a good power amplifier, it is best to choose more than 50W power, power greater, the better the intensity, sound control force is strong, easy to meet your requirements.

Four. Buy a good horn, it is best not coaxial, shaft speakers in the car audio has become synonymous with poor quality. Choose two frequency speakers or three frequency speakers best, because this makes it easier to make sound effects in the car, increasing air and cohesion.

Five. After the preparation of the above aspects, we must consider the complete set of equipment accessories, including: signal line, power line, horn line, special safety tube, etc.. Don't underestimate them, it is like blood vessels and nerves, the body needs something good pivotally connected together, the influence on the quality of wire is very large, must be careful to buy.

Six. Finally, ask your technician about the entire installation process and tell the technician what you want, ask why, and remember that this is your right.

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